For to See the Elephant: a novel in verse

Praise for FtStE from school librarians:

  1. “Gorgeous and wonderful.”

  2. “Truax takes what could read like dry historical fact and presents it in warm, breathing flesh. Rather than tell us how the elephants were handled or how slaves like William were treated, Truax shows us, heartbreakingly, through these shifting viewpoints. Instead of being bogged down in detailed prose, readers find themselves accessing the emotional punch of verse. A reader would be hard-pressed not to be moved to empathy reading this novel, and those with an interest in either the welfare of animals, or history, particularly New England history, will find themselves beguiled by this well-researched fictionalized account. While not a particularly happy story, it is an important one. For all the carelessness and callous behavior of many of its characters, there is always the love and respect between William and the elephants in his keeping, a thread of kindness and goodness sustained throughout. Give this book to an animal or history lover, and pair with books on American slavery or the history of the circus.”

  3. “Perfect for the middle school library. As a school librarian I have found that true stories go over really big with my students. I love historical fiction to begin with, and this novel in verse is perfect! Totally recommend!”

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